Helpful Tips To Keep Pests Away: 

My name is Jon "Shuler" Altshuler and I have been working in the field as a licensed exterminator and a pesticide applicator for over 18 years.

Shuler's Pest Control is a family-owned company based out of Traverse City, Michigan.

  • Caulk and seal gaps

  • Inspect screens yearly

  • Store wood piles away from structures 

  • Keep food in sealed containers, particularly pet food and bird seed

  • Keep pet and bird water sources clean

  • When you come across insect activity inside your home or garage vacuum them up. Be sure to get all visible egg sacs and webbing. 

Why Choose us:


  • We specialize in resorts, commercial, home and monthly contracts

  • We offer a spring and fall maintenance program

  • Free, no hassle estimates

  • Our technician is registered and fully insured

  • Licensed with the state of Michigan 


Yard Sprays

Perimeter Yard Sprays are an affordable short term solution, with a highly effective sesult. These sprays are designed to control insects such as mosquitoes, yet will eradicate any other lurking insect that may be harboring in surround bushes, shrubbery and foliage. Yard Sprays are great for Graduation Parties, Picnics, Weddings, or just for some relief to be able to enjoy being outdoor when activity levels are high.  


Spring & Fall Preventative Maintenance Program

An Exterior application, performed twice a year, on the structures. The structure is swept thoroughly and the entire surface is sprayed with a no-odor chemical that controls any existing insect activity and prevents most flying, crawling, and ground dwelling insects from invading the structure. Call now and Save when scheduling Spring/Fall maintenance.


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