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Helpful Tips To Keep Pests Away: 

My name is Jon "Shuler" Altshuler and I have been working in the pest control field as a licensed pesticide applicator for 20+ years.

Shuler's Pest Control is a family-owned business based out of Traverse City, Michigan.

  • Caulk and seal gaps

  • Inspect screens yearly

  • Store wood piles away from structures 

  • Keep food in sealed containers, particularly pet food and bird seed

  • Keep pet and bird water sources clean

  • When you come across insect activity inside your home or garage vacuum them up. Be sure to get all visible egg sacs and webbing. 

Why Choose us:


  • Fast friendly service 

  • Free, no hassle estimates

  • Licensed and Insured 

  • 20+ years experience

  • Pest control that wont break the bank


 Spring & Fall Insect Maintenance Program

 One of the biggest issues people in northern Michigan have is exterior insects ( ants, spiders, wasps, ect..) invading the exterior and interior of their house or business. The best way to control this issue is to have your house or business swept and sprayed on the exterior. We get about 3 months out of the spray, so a spring spray in May or June and a fall spray in late August or September will prevent insect activity for the summer season and winter months. The best idea is to have it done on a yearly bases.


If you have any questions contact Shuler today @ or 231-357-4611 


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