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These are pests commonly found in Northern Michigan


Say goodbye to spiders and their unsightly webs with our Spring/Fall Exterior Sweep and Spray service! We’ll get your home bug-free and ready for summer, so you can enjoy your outdoor space without any unwanted pests. With our year-round coverage, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected, and with our guarantee, you can be sure that you’ll have a bug-free summer ahead!


Are pesky ants taking over your kitchen counter? At Shuler's Pest Control, we understand the frustration of constantly having to set out ant traps. That's why we offer comprehensive pest control services, including targeted solutions for ant infestations. Our team uses the latest techniques and technologies to safely and effectively eliminate ants from your home, so you can enjoy a bug-free environment again.


Protect your family, pets, and property from the threat of tick-borne diseases with our trusted tick treatment services. Our professionals provide specialized yard and surrounding wooded area spray, customized to your property to ensure that ticks are eliminated from the area for good. With kids and pets, it's crucial to trust the professionals for the best protection.


If you’ve spotted mouse droppings or hear noises in your walls or ceiling, it’s time to call us for our comprehensive mouse treatment. We don’t just set a bunch of exterior bait boxes and call it good—we offer crawl space treatment and a comprehensive elimination and prevention plan. Don’t wait until it becomes a bigger problem, contact us today for your mouse treatment needs.


Don't let bed bugs keep you up at night any longer. Our professional bed bug treatment is the solution you've been searching for. Over the counter solutions simply don't work, and waiting until the problem gets worse will only result in higher costs. Let us take care of the problem for you with our effective and affordable treatment plan. We're willing to work with second party payees so everyone can enjoy a peaceful and bug-free environment.

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